Rocking Chairs Handcrafted With Pride Here In The USA!

Rocking Chairs - A Front Porch Tradition!

Regardless of where you live, rocking chairs are a perfect accessory to any homestead. There's nothing quite like a rocker to sit and relax in. In today’s fast-paced society, we have a tendency to get so caught up in everything around us that we often times end up missing the best things in life. Here at the Fire Maple Company, we truly believe in the therapeutic benefits of rocking chairs! Therefore, we've proudly adopted the philosophy “Learn To Be Still”.

Fire Maple Handmade Rocking Chairs

The Fire Maple Rocking Chair Company sells solid maple rocking chairs that are handmade in the rolling hills of Tennessee. Our original wooden rockers are constructed from pure Fire Maple and are available in over 65 unique color stainsUnlike most mass-produced rockers on the internet or in chain stores, our chairs are handmade from solid maple (not a composite of different types of wood) and are more dense in their overall structure. We take great pride in being an American Furniture Company and find it an honor to sell American made rocking chairs!


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